I want to register my property in the cadastre. What papers do I need?

  • What do you get: Registered right on property and absence of problems in future legal procedures regarding property.
  • Why do you need it: The registration of the ownership right allows the owner to dispose of and manage with real estate rights.
  • What happens if you do not do it: Problems when it comes to sale, inheritance or any other legal transfer of rights procedure.

Clients can understand which laws are relevant and important, who initiates the procedure and how does it develop in a detailed step-by-step presentation below and finally, will be provided with a link to other relative legal services.


203 days


Administrative fees:

  • registration fee: RSD 5,500 per title document
  • other administrative costs depending on documentation that needs to retrieved; the amount of costs depends on type of the document


  1. Collect the required documents
  2. Documentation check
  3. Preparation of the motion for registration of the rights    
  4. Submission of the motion for registration
  5. Real Estate Cadastre Service Decision


  • Documentation proving the legal succession, i.e. factual ownership over the property
  • Documentation showing who is registered as the owner of the real estate property
  • Personal and official documents of the applicant
  • Proof of payment of the registration fee


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