I need to make an agreement on lifelong care. How do I do it?

  • What do you get: Distribution of the recipient of supports’ property or other rights to provider of support after death by agreement.
  • Why do you need it:  In order to ensure the rights - that the provider of support receives a fair compensation for providing support conducted with prescribed form.
  • What happens if you do not do it: If transfer is conducted without prescribed form, legal repercussions exist.

Clients can understand which laws are relevant and important, who initiates the procedure and how does it develop in a detailed step-by-step presentation below and finally, will be provided with a link to other relative legal services.


13 days


Administrative cost:

  • real estate certificate (if necessary): RSD 540,00 per special part;


  1. Documentation check
  2. Preparation of the draft of Agreement on lifelong careand support
  3. Conclusion and verification of the agreement
  4. Transfer of the rights over property


  • Proof of appropriate right on property
    • As a proof of appropriate right on immovable property, real estate certificate no older than 15 days must be obtained (please check Real estate certificate in “General”).
    • If the subject of the agreement is not immovable property, but movable property or certain right, the appropriate proof needs to be provided (a certain certificate, agreement or other document or statement)
  • Personal and official document of the parties
    • Please check Personal and official documents in “General”


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