I suffered damages in traffic incident. How do I collect compensation from insurance company?

  • What do you get: Request for the insurance company to settle tangible and/or intangible damages the applicant suffered in a certain amount.
  • Why do you need it: In order to more efficiently collect tangible and/or intangible damage suffered by the injured party.
  • What happens if you do not do it: If the request is not submitted within the prescribed deadline, there is a risk of losing the collection of the suffered damage.

Clients can understand which laws are relevant and important, who initiates the procedure and how does it develop in a detailed step-by-step presentation below and finally, will be provided with a link to other relative legal services.


30 days



  1. Collect the required documents
  2. Confirm all requirements are met
  3. Preparation of the claim
  4. Filing of the claim
  5. Insurance company activities
  6. Objection


  • Documents supporting the claim
  • Power of attorney


  • Next to be included

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