I want to warn the debtor about the payment of the debt. How do I do it?

  • What do you get: Out-of-court method of warning the debtor about the debt and the possibility of forced collection if he/she does not pay voluntarily within the set deadline.
  • Why do you need it: In order to try to avoid the costs of court proceedings and to collect the debt from the debtor on a voluntary basis.
  • What happens if you do not do it: In some cases you are obliged by the law, in case not, you will just prolong the procedure of collection and risk all the expenses.

Clients can understand which laws are relevant and important, who initiates the procedure and how does it develop in a detailed step-by-step presentation below and finally, will be provided with a link to other relative legal services.


16 days



  1. Collect the required documents
  2. Confirm all requirements are met
  3. Preparation of the final notice letter
  4. Delivery of the final notice letter
  5. Response from the debtor


  • Documents proving grounds for creditor’s claim
  • Power of attorney

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