I want to pay vehicle transfer tax. What is the procedure?

  • What do you get: Filed tax return in order to pay taxes which are obligatory by the Law.
  • Why do you need it: When a sale of vehicle occurs, certain tax obligations arise.
  • What happens if you do not do it: Failure to comply to tax obligations leading to legal repercussions – enforcement procedure.

Clients can understand which laws are relevant and important, who initiates the procedure and how does it develop in a detailed step-by-step presentation below and finally, will be provided with a link to other relative legal services.


38 days


Administrative fees – no administrative fees at this point


  1. Collect the required documents
  2. Preparation of the tax return
  3. Submission of the tax return
  4. Decision by the Tax Authority
  5. Payment
  6. Certificate of payment


  • Sale-Purchase Agreement;
  • Traffic license,
  • Identification documents for the seller and the buyer;
  • Tax Return.


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