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Directed Work Internship
Internship / Volunteer
  • Are you a student of recent years, or a graduate of the Law Degree?
  • Are you interested in helping legally excluded populations?
  • Are you interested in doing a pre-professional practice providing legal guidance and / or managing legal procedures and processes?
Send us your resume and a motivational letter to the following email: We will contact you shortly to meet you and have an interview.

Collaborate with Microjustice Serbia

Microjustice Serbia can become an important partner to implement the actions that your organization has been carrying out in Serbia, and at the same time your organization become a strategic ally in the implementation of Microjusticia. The possibilities of reciprocal collaboration can be of the most varied, such as: advertising and dissemination of services, development of training workshops, referral of cases, lobbying actions for legal reforms, etc. By establishing inter-institutional cooperation ties and networks, we can expand the positive impact on our target groups and contribute to the formation of a fairer society with opportunities for all. We invite public and private institutions, non-profit organizations to join this purpose profit, financial institutions, universities, media, social organizations and civil society in general. If you are interested in becoming a partner or institutional ally of Microjusticia, do not hesitate to contact us at